DUE B offers services that will help in activities that you don't have time to do those things that you wish, promoting the management of simple to complex tasks.

After creating our client profile, we designated a dedicated personal manager to resolve the challenges and efficiently take care of with discretion the client's requests.

Creation and execution of social and corporate events, with refinement, transparency and creativity.

Social Events Management
  • Event Conception and Development.
  • Birthday party, Dinner, Engagement celebration, Petit Comitê.
Corporate Events Management
  • Event Conception and Development.
  • Meetings, workshops, training awards.
Event Design
  • Event Design Conception and Development.
  • Tips and guidance on decor for festive season.
  • Ceremonial occasions and commemorative events.
  • Protocol Guidelines.
  • Guest List Manager.
  • Confirmation Fulfillment.
  • Currier.
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