Vibrant, beautiful, intellectual, wealthy, cultural, sentimental, modern, sophisticated, self-confident and professional, Sao Paulo is all of these and more…


It’s the only Brazilian city that can truly call itself cosmopolitan, due to a history of immigration on the same scale as New York.

It’s Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arab, Spanish, Latino, Brazilian. These and so many other facets are reflected in the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the refined tastes of the city’s culinary delights and in the styles and mannerisms of people who never stop as they boldly create the city’s history, day after day.

In a city as large as Sao Paulo, the sights are varied and spread out. However, that’s not something to worry about, we’ll find you stand-out museums, neighborhood highlights, the best of hotels, shops, restaurants, cafés and bars.

Sao Paulo is also home to hundreds of cinemas, museums, theatres, cultural heritage sites, parks, performance halls, amusement and theme parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, event spaces, street fairs, shopping centers and specialized retail districts.